“Shuaib Umm Qasr” afforestation initiative

مبادرة تشجير “شعيب أم قصر”

“Shuaib um Qasr” afforestation is an initiative launched by the “Green Riyadh” program under the slogan (We dream and achieve by afforesting 7.5 million trees), with the participation of male and female volunteers in celebration of the National Day. The initiative witnessed a large presence and interaction of volunteers, and their participation hand in hand with “Green Riyadh” in planting trees, in addition to their participation in the events and activities accompanying the initiative.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of afforestation, enhance loyalty and national identity, in addition to highlighting the efforts of the “Green Riyadh” program in achieving one of the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The “Green Riyadh” program is keen to enhance community participation through the establishment of initiatives and events accompanying afforestation projects, and raising awareness of the importance of afforestation for the city, as these community initiatives contribute to raising awareness of the importance of afforestation, and increase their experiences by teaching them how to plant and care for trees.