Savola Group CSR Initiatives improve the company and the world around

Savola Group CSR Initiatives improve the company and the world around

At Savola, we are constantly forging partnerships and devising new initiatives to improve our company and the world around us. We are immensely proud of what we have already accomplished in this field, and committed to ensuring that this continues in the months and years to come.

The “Makeen” program focuses on the training and employment of persons with disabilities at Savola and in other companies. Savola has already provided training and career opportunities for around 911 people with disabilities since the start of the program.

As part of this project, we are also improving accessibility for disabled people at our facilities and doing everything we can to ensure that our company culture is welcoming and inspiring.

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, 1.3 billion tonnes of edible food is wasted globally every year). This staggering amount not only puts food security at risk, but also spells out dire economic, social, and environmental consequences.

It is for this reason that we at Savola World are working passionately to decrease food wastage by raising awareness about the threats it poses and by adopting internationally proven practices to drive behavioral change toward optimal food resource management among our consumers and stakeholders.

Savola’s Negaderha project is a food waste prevention and reduction program developed to address food waste as a national issue. The project works on developing and implementing programs that research, prevent, and reduce food wastage. The aims of the Negaderha project are: obtaining an in-depth understanding of the drivers, actors, and volumes of food waste at a national level; putting up an action plan for change in food waste generation; engaging consumers in reducing food wastage by promoting campaigns that are based on the most effective global experiences; creating a framework for tracking food waste data and measuring progress towards the final strategic objectives.

Negaderha tackles food waste issues on different levels that include three modules targeting two main segments of society: households and the HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) sector.


Launched by Panda, “Be Healthy” is designed to encourage Panda customers to lead a healthy lifestyle. The campaign included tips on social media, healthy recipes, how-to video tutorials and even live in-store workshops.

The “Friend of the Environment” initiative started as converting all plastic shopping bags into Biodegradable bags replacing more than 300 million bags a year. The initiative expanded to include other venues one of which was partnership between Panda and the National Water Company (Saudi Arabia). The original aim was to improve water conservation in Panda stores and to raise awareness of this key issue among customers. Other crucial projects included, focused on issues such as decreasing paper waste, and protecting human health.

“Leave the Change for Them” encourages Panda customers to donate small change during their weekly shop. Thanks to the generosity of our communities, we have raised SAR 66,408,457 in donations.