York is the distinguished sponsor of the Jeddah Teacher Award as part of its social responsibility initiatives

يورك الراعي المتميز لجائزة جدة للمعلم ضمن مبادرات المسؤولية الاجتماعية

Based on its keenness and commitment to serving the community and supporting and stimulating social responsibility initiatives, York, a leading provider of integrated solutions, which include the fields of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, sponsors the Jeddah Distinguished Teacher Award as the distinguished sponsor in cooperation with the Distinguished Initiatives Association, which is concerned with adopting and supporting sustainable initiatives that serve the community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which the company has cooperated with in a number of initiatives over the past years.

As part of this sponsorship, York will provide financial and advisory support to the association as part of the teacher’s service, as well as provide a variety of air conditioners to the winners. The award is a community initiative that aims to achieve intellectual development and professional excellence in education, to contribute to encouraging teachers to take pride in their profession, support their ideas, emphasize the importance of the teacher’s role in society, enhance competition among teachers, honor innovators, and provide an opportunity to be appreciated by parents, students and society. The company recently launched the “Teacher’s Friendly” initiative, where it supports the awards of distinguished teachers and contributes to sharing their experiences and expertise with the community, and the company also offers special discounts for education employees on its products.

On this occasion, Khalid Al-Mashaba, Head of Marketing, Innovation and Information at York Company, said: “This sponsorship falls under the company’s social responsibility initiatives, which pay great attention to serving the community and supporting and motivating its employees to engage in volunteer and charitable work. York remains committed to providing social and economic support, especially male and female teachers, who are key to the advancement of society through education and education to build and shape future generations. This agreement, which aims to support the Jeddah People Award for Distinguished Teacher, is in line with York’s efforts to support sustainable community initiatives and programs within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

York is keen to participate in several social responsibility initiatives in the Kingdom, where it supports Emiratisation programs, in addition to its commitment to employing “people with disabilities” with the Association of Neighborhood Centers that serve various segments of society, especially young people who represent the largest demographic segments in the Kingdom. The company also cooperates with the “Mashroat” program to train Saudi students to develop national capabilities and provide practical training programs for students and prepare them for the labor market. This is in addition to many initiatives in the health fields, such as the “Air Conditioning” initiative in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, which contributed to providing free examination and repair for all types of air conditioners and chillers for hospitals and government and private health facilities during the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company also pays special attention to low-income people in the Kingdom and provides a safe and comfortable housing environment for them in cooperation with the Tarmeem Charitable Association.