SADAFCO concludes a strategic agreement with Social Responsibility in Jeddah

سدافكو تُبرم اتفاقية استراتيجية مع المسؤولية الاجتماعية بجدة

SADAFCO has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Corporate Social Responsibility Society in Jeddah, the first licensed social responsibility association in the Makkah region. The year 2022 is expected to witness the consolidation of the foundations of the relationship between the two sides and the expansion of efforts to take a strategic direction, after the cooperation between them in the past has achieved outstanding achievements. SADAFCO, as the parent company of SAUDIA, is a name with a wide community presence and is loved and trusted by consumers across the Kingdom.

For more than a decade, SADAFCO has been taking clear and consistent steps to make a positive impact on society and contribute effectively to the Kingdom’s ongoing sustainable development efforts. On this occasion, Mr. Patrick Estellhart, CEO of SADAFCO, expressed his pride in the partnership with the Social Responsibility Society in Jeddah, stressing that social responsibility is an integral part of SADAFCO’s strategy. He added: “We seek to actively contribute to the development of the community of which we are a part, and the signing of this agreement is an achievement that we have always wanted to achieve. Today, we have found the right partner to share our vision of social responsibility, and we are confident that our collaboration with the association will enable us to make a deeper impact and benefit the community.”

The agreement was signed by Mr. Talal Mohammed Muwaffaq Al-Nono, from SADAFCO, in his capacity as Director of Public Relations and Government Affairs, and Ms. Amal Abdul Rahman Khan, as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Social Responsibility Association in Jeddah Governorate, while the signing ceremony, which was held at SADAFCO’s headquarters in Jeddah, was witnessed by Mr. Sultan Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, Director General of the Legal Affairs and Governance Department, Mr. Turki Al-Zahrani, Public Relations and Government Affairs Officer, and Mr. Turki Halawani. Public Relations and Government Affairs Officer, Ms. Mashael Zeidan, Director of Corporate Communications, Ms. Nora Punjabi, Corporate Communications Officer at SADAFCO, and Ms. Heba Muhammad-Bukhari, Executive Director of SADAFCO.

Heba Bukhari, Executive Director of the Jeddah Social Responsibility Association, said that the association is keen to work with various institutions, companies and stakeholders in society “to make a proactive difference in our cities, environment, neighborhoods and general social welfare,” expressing his happiness that SADAFCO has officially joined the partners in the association’s initiatives. He added: “We have been working with SADAFCO for several years, and this agreement signed today is a quantum leap that takes our partnership to a strategic level.”

The Jeddah Social Responsibility Association, which is the first registered social responsibility association in the Makkah region, enjoys a strong position in and around Jeddah. Its direction is fully aligned with the ambitions of Vision 2030, and aims to raise awareness among institutional circles and the public about the concept of social responsibility. Furthermore, the association motivates its partners to implement a series of initiatives that meet development needs across the governorate. These programs include a number of initiatives to enhance the role of companies in social development, environmental conservation, support for small and micro enterprises, waste recycling, cleaning beaches and roads, environmental awareness and other volunteer programs.

SADAFCO, for its part, is a well-known name in the community, an active player in the field of corporate social responsibility. It has made significant contributions that have led to meaningful impact through several initiatives that include contributions related to the fight against the Corona pandemic, employment fairs, sponsorship of sports tournaments, awareness initiatives, and efforts in the field of volunteering and elderly care. The company’s employees, who participated in its latest environmental initiative earlier this year, spent a total of 255 volunteer hours cleaning roads, recycling and collecting about 980 kg of waste from Jeddah’s roads.