The Arab-African Economic Summit signs mutual cooperation agreements with the Comoros Islands in line with its Sustainable Development Strategy 2030

الاعلى للاقتصاد العربى الأفريقى يوقع اتفاقيات تعاون مشترك مع جزر القمر تتفق مع استراتيجيه التنمية المستدامة 2030

The Supreme Council for Arab-African Economy, chaired by Dr. Hany Hassan Abu Zeid, signed a cooperation agreement with His Excellency Hamid Amseidi, Minister of Economy and Investment in the Comoros Republic.

The agreement included state financing, contributions, and participation in various fields for council members, providing all facilities to members to enhance the comprehensive development strategy in the Comoros Islands within the framework of the State’s Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The agreement aims to strengthen cooperation between members of the Supreme Council for Arab-African Economy and the Comoros Republic by enhancing economic and trade cooperation and developing joint work to serve and expand economic relations between both sides.

The President of the Council and the accompanying delegation briefed on the role played by the Supreme Council for Arab-African Economy as an independent diplomatic economic organization established under Article 17 of the Arab-African Economic Agreement. It is one of the most important regional international economic blocs supporting the economies of Arab and African countries. The Council works to establish an Arab-African economic system that accommodates all economic and trade orientations of members from countries, businessmen, and investors.

Thus, the first leg of the President’s successful tour and the accompanying delegation from the Comoros has been achieved, and success will continue in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the second stop of the inspection tour announced by the President of the Council and his colleagues Sheikh Saddam Al-Atwani, Vice President of the Council for Arab Affairs, Sheikh Sabah Al-Janabi, Vice President for Energy and Environment Affairs, and Dr. Wajdi El-Serfy, Assistant Secretary-General.