Nominating 3 children for the “Sustainability” award in “Comoros” at Expo 2020

ترشيح 3 أطفال لجائزة "الاستدامة" بـ"جزر القمر" في إكسبو 2020

Mohammed Hussaini, the director of the Comoros Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, confirmed to “Al Bayan” that 3 children were nominated for the “Sustainability” award organized by the pavilion last week. He pointed out that the sustainability award competition aims to educate children about the importance of recycling waste and reducing it, in order to preserve the planet and the environment in general, in conjunction with World Children’s Day.

Hussaini said, “The competition, held in the form of a workshop where children made products from plastic and paper waste, among others, saw the nomination of 3 children of different nationalities to win the prize, which is a free trip for the winning child accompanied by their parents to the Comoros Islands for a full week after the end of Expo 2020, including accommodation expenses and air tickets.

The pavilion director added that the competition aims to instill a culture of environmental conservation in the minds of school students and children in general, and to introduce them to the fact that the environment we live in is our big home that includes all living and natural beings, a gift from God that deserves gratitude. Taking care of it is our responsibility so as not to spoil the essential elements of life around us, represented in water, air, and food.

He emphasized that the pavilion is keen on promoting the concept of sustainability in the minds of the youth by reconsidering everything they can save from unfairly treated waste, recycling it artistically, meaning returning it to the cycle of life by giving it an active role as an attractive and active being that influences human life positively, inspiring thoughts and ideas towards coexistence even with the rejected.

He stated that the concept of sustainability in the minds of the youth enhances sources of happiness, balance, mutual benefits, and the search for beauty and its reasons in trash cans and dumps that people avoid, and that they should think positively even about disgusting waste, turning it into beauty and joy that pleases the beholders as a victory for everything that is marginalized, while it can be employed and involved with us in positivity, even turning it into a source of happiness and positive energy for humans.

It is worth mentioning that the Comoros Islands are named as such because the name is derived from the Arabic word “Qamar,” and although the French language is the only official language on the competing island of Mayotte, the Comorian Union has three official languages: Comorian (Shikomor), Arabic, and French.