“Sudatel”…a great effort within the framework of its social responsibility

"سوداتل" ..جهد كبيرفي إطار مسؤوليتها المُجتمعية

The Social Responsibility (SR) program is an internal voluntary program that exists in many companies and institutions, and is based around the philosophy that success in the business world is no longer measured by the amount of production and direct financial gains obtained by these companies, and it does not stop when these companies and institutions adhere to the regulations. And not only the rules of security, safety, and environmental preservation, but it goes beyond the developmental services these companies and institutions provide to the communities in which they exist and operate.

Also, some companies and institutions today support advanced societal issues that have global dimensions, such as human rights issues, equality, poverty alleviation, and others.

There are many bodies that have defined social responsibility, and we take from them the World Business Council’s definition of sustainable development, which describes it as: the continuous commitment by companies and institutions to contribute to achieving economic development and working to improve the living conditions of the workforce and their families, in addition to local communities and society as a whole.

The Islamic religion is considered the first to pay attention to the concept of social responsibility and regulate the nature of relations between members of society, and requires each individual to fulfill his duties towards others. In the Islamic system, social responsibility is considered an inherent part of the religion and is not alien to Islamic societies and the principles of Islamic economics as in the capitalist system, and is not a sole alternative as in the communist system.

God Almighty said in His decisive revelation ((O you who have believed, bow down and prostrate and worship your Lord and do good that you may succeed)), and the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, summarized it in many hadiths, including ((Each of you is a shepherd and you are a shepherd. You are responsible for his subjects. Therefore, social responsibility is our commodity. It was returned to us.

Ethical investment is an investment that takes into account the organization’s core values ​​and provides the opportunity to support investment that follows a similar social and ethical responsibility policy, and creates a value for the organization that gives it an advantage over other institutions.

The concept of social responsibility went through several periods until the 1980s, when the term stakeholder groups appeared. The emergence of this term led to the development of contemporary social responsibility theory, which has become more comprehensively concerned with issues and matters that it did not deal with in the past.

The spread of this theory opened the eyes of individuals and institutions to new groups of segments of society, including (customers, suppliers, shareholders and owners, competitors, employees and the local community), and others.

The application of the theory of social responsibility has become measured by the type of relationship between these groups and companies, and the extent to which companies and institutions respond to the needs of these groups and how to deal with them.

Our responsibility towards society

Sudatel’s understanding of social responsibility stems from an authentic Islamic vision, based on an integrated system of social rights defined by Islam for the general public regarding wealth and money. Solidarity in Islam, which represents a fundamental pillar in this framework, does not stop at the material aspects, but rather extends to include the spiritual aspect, and Sudatel has been guided by good human experiences and the fruits of international standards issued by specialized international humanitarian institutions in accordance with its values ​​and moral standards. Sudatel affirms its continued commitment to ethical principles and responsible work practices in all its operations and dealings, contributing to achieving sustainable development and working to improve the quality of living conditions for its workers and their families, the local community and society as a whole, and preserving the environment. It emphasizes its commitment to community service as a strategic choice that it does not deviate from.

Sudatel has made a great effort within the framework of its social responsibility towards stakeholders from society, government, shareholders, subscribers, employees, agents, suppliers, and civil society institutions, and has committed itself to the principle of transparency and governance as a requirement of responsibility. These efforts have resulted in several achievements that include many areas such as education, health, and many other areas…