Social responsibility at Bank of Khartoum

المسؤولية الاجتماعية لدى بنك الخرطوم

Bank of Khartoum values ​​the importance of supporting social development in Sudan through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The contributions made by the Bank of Khartoum to the Sudanese people are considered an important priority within the bank, with a primary focus on initiatives that bring direct benefits to communities. Some of the CSR initiatives launched by Bank of Khartoum are as follows:

Healthcare: Some of the CSR initiatives launched by Bank of Khartoum may be as follows: Providing cash donations to Ahmed Qasim Hospital.

Education: Bank of Khartoum contributed to supporting the following initiatives in the education sector in Sudan: building and renovating Dilling schools; Support the National Union of Students; Al-Ubaid Football Association; Honoring high school students who excelled in certificate examinations in Sudan; Sudan University of Science and Technology; Paying university fees for disadvantaged students at Ahfad University for Girls.

Other initiatives: The corporate social responsibility initiatives launched by the Bank of Khartoum are varied and include the following: donating a library containing a collection of valuable books as a gift to an army camp in the city of El Geneina; Al Salam Stadium in Dilling; Dilling Mosque and Al Rahad Mosque; Providing support to the families of officers who died while serving the nation; Financing and providing tanks in the city of Abu Hajar, El Fasher, and New Halfa to solve the water problem; Contributing to solving transportation problems by transporting female students to their various education facilities; Contributing to the project to provide meat to consumers in cooperation with Rawasy Charitable Investment Company.