Social responsibility at the Sudanese Petroleum Pipeline Company Limited

المسؤولية المجتمعية لدى الشركة السودانية لأنابيب البترول المحدودة

The vision of social responsibility at the Sudanese Petroleum Pipeline Company Limited stems from targeting its strategy towards achieving comprehensive social security, especially in harmony with its message, which stems from the fact that social responsibility is the social responsibility that falls on the company in the matter of social reform, and the company has become fully aware that increasing Profits alone are not what matters. The institution must also contribute to achieving the public good on a large scale and support citizens along the lines with service projects such as schools, wells, and local services in the area.

The company aims to achieve social responsibility:

  1. Pipe insurance.
  2. Building insurance.
  3. Securing individuals inside the facility.
  4. Achieving comprehensive social responsibility.
  5. Coordination with security services.
  6. Mobile insurance.
  7. Secure communications.
  8. Camp insurance.
  9. Oversight of the executive branch of the institution.

The company’s social responsibility features are:

  1. The company’s mission and goals are consistent with the goals and values ​​of society.
  2. The company progresses in completing basic projects for the community, including schools, health centers, water wells, and various community projects.
  3. The company contributes to reducing the unemployment problem.
  4. The company pays attention to citizens’ complaints along the pipeline and works to resolve them urgently.
  5. The company is committed to implementing the projects required by the community throughout the line.
  6. The company is interested in establishing good relations with citizens and supporting social security online.
  7. The company follows modern methods of line maintenance in a way that reduces waste.
  8. Environmental protection is one of the most important foundations of the company’s environmental security values.
  9. The company contributes with the relevant authorities to implementing environmental security rules for the lines.
  10. The company has a contingency plan in case a threat to environmental security occurs in the line.