Sudani launches a blood storage and cooling warehouse project

سوداني تدشن مشروع مستودع حفظ وتبريد الدم

Within the framework of social responsibility, Sudani Telecommunications Company inaugurated in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, a blood storage and cooling warehouse project at the central office of the bank, with a storage capacity exceeding (1,800) bags, in the presence of a number of representatives from Sudani Company and the blood bank family. Dr. Maria Al-Toum, Director of Blood Transfusion Services on behalf of the Central Bank for Blood Donation, said that the project represents a real leap in expanding storage capacity, noting the great benefit that the Bank reaps from this large partnership with Sudanese Telecommunications Company, which leads major initiatives of this kind, offering her thanks on behalf of The company’s blood bank family for its tangible efforts in this field.

For his part, Director of Social Responsibility at Sudani Telecom Company, Mr. Mustafa Moayad, expressed their great happiness with the completion of the project, reiterating Sudani’s support for the support bank at all levels. Moayad explained that Sudani Company, through its social responsibility, provided unlimited support to the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health to respond to and confront the emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic with protective equipment and supplies for medical personnel working to defeat the pandemic.