“Social responsibility” encourages Canada to invest in the oil field in Sudan

"المسؤولية الاجتماعية" تشجع كندا للاستثمار بمجال النفط في السودان

The Canadian Ambassador to Sudan, Adrian Norfolk, said that Canadian companies want to enter Sudan to invest in the fields of oil and mining, based on these companies’ belief in social responsibility in the areas in which they operate, in addition to absorbing local workers. The Canadian ambassador praised the Canadian government’s support for the transitional government, and said that there are ongoing development programs in the developmental and humanitarian fields amounting to about 55 million Canadian dollars, in addition to the support provided to family support programs (Thamarat) as one of the projects that directly reaches the citizen.

This came during his meeting with Jibril Ibrahim, Acting Minister of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in Sudan, who stressed the strength of economic relations between Sudan and Canada in all fields, noting the economic reforms that were taken during the last period and describing them as being effective and will be worked on to mitigate their effects on citizens. Through the Thammarat program, which is going well. The Minister welcomed the entry of Canadian companies to invest in Sudan so that they can enjoy all the required privileges and facilities, not only in the fields of oil and mining, but also in other fields, especially agriculture.