“Mineral Resources” reveals huge funds allocated for social responsibility

"الموارد المعدنية" تكشف عن أموال ضخمة رصدت للمسؤولية الاجتماعية

The Sudanese Mineral Resources Company sent a convoy to the Nile River State at a cost exceeding 96 million pounds, including two ambulances, two motors, and electricity wires, in addition to two anesthesia machines and sound waves for Abu Hamad Hospital. The company’s director, Mubarak Ardoul, said that the convoy is one of the rights of local communities to develop and benefit from local production, and stressed that the mineral sector contributes to social responsibility. For his part, the company’s social responsibility director, Dr. Siddiq Musaed, said that the volume of social responsibility funds amounted to $3 million in the bank account designated for that purpose. He pointed out that the campaign comes within the framework of social responsibility, especially after the increase in the specified allocation of net production profits from 1% to 4% allocated to localities, and he pointed to the formation of a five-member committee to determine the priorities of projects “health, education, electricity, water.”