United Nations Population Fund launches the Social Responsibility Skills project for young entrepreneurs

صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان يطلق مشروع مهارات المسؤولية الاجتماعية لرواد الأعمال الشباب

The United Nations Population Fund, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Youth in the Kurdistan Region government, launched the Social Responsibility Skills project for young entrepreneurs in Erbil. The project was based on the success story of the “Orange Corners Erbil Program” implemented by MSelect with the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Over the next two months, 20 young men and women will receive guidance and training on leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and financial management with a focus on social responsibility in business. Participants will benefit from sessions on gender equality, combating gender-based violence, and reproductive health rights.

Mr. Hamar Abdul Maghni, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Iraq, highlighted the importance of investing in youth, especially girls, to harness the demographic dividend in Iraq: “Youth currently represent 41% of Iraq’s population. It is essential to empower youth to become independent, entrepreneurial, and socially responsible citizens. Only when youth are healthy and educated can they elevate the country towards higher development.”

Mr. Hawri Jabar Hamad, Deputy Director of Youth Small Projects Support Funds at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, stated: “We are pleased to announce the launch of this important project with the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the United Nations Population Fund. The project will help youth acquire employment and entrepreneurship skills that are much needed, with a focus on gender equality and giving back to their communities. We hope to expand the project to include other youth centers across the country to reach as many youth as possible who can make a difference.”

To support social entrepreneurship and empower youth, the United Nations Population Fund will provide initial funding for selected business project proposals that demonstrate sustainable social impact. Additionally, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs will offer short-term loans to participants to help them start their businesses based on specified eligibility criteria.

The United Nations Population Fund is strongly committed to supporting and empowering adolescents and youth, especially girls, in making their voices heard and building the future of Iraq. The United Nations Population Fund’s strategy to achieve the 2030 vision for sustainable development places youth at the heart of advancing global, regional, and national youth needs.