“The Middle East’s Best Bank Transformation” NBB is committed to socially responsibility

“The Middle East’s Best Bank Transformation” NBB is committed to socially responsibility

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is committed to the fact that business needs to be developed in a socially responsible manner by encompassing every individual of the community. NBB aim to see a more prosperous Bahrain is not restricted to providing banking service alone but to create an environment where every member of the community has an opportunity to build a future which is safe, secure, happy and flourishing.

Belief in Community Development: Since NBB opened its doors he have remained at the heart of the community and taken the community to heart. Several decades on his commitment to supporting the country’s social welfare and contributing to the betterment of people’s lives continues undiminished. It is both duty and privilege to be serving the community beyond banking.

Belief in Sustainability: NBB has consistently strived to develop a culture which underlines the fact that our success is wholly dependent on the customers and the community in which it operates. Over the years, society has demanded that businesses work in a more sustainable manner. At NBB, this has been ingrained into the psyche of our employees.


  • Inclusion of the Community
  • Aid to the less privileged sections
  • Engagements:
  • Volunteer work
  • Financial assistance

Belief in Knowledge Sharing: NBB take great pride in his employees who make significant contributions as volunteers sharing their skills, knowledge and experience with all sections of the community.

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has celebrated a significant milestone in its transformation journey after being awarded ‘The Middle East’s Best Bank Transformation’ by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2020 – the global financial sector’s most esteemed accolades, which also honored it with the ‘Bahrain’s Best Bank’ honor for the second consecutive year. NBB was nominated as a result of its significant transformation, positive results delivered over the past year, as well as its continued market leadership and ongoing efforts and investments in innovation.

These coveted awards are a milestone of NBB’s successful growth journey which has seen the Bank heavily invest in the latest technologies and talent skill to digitally transform and modernise every aspect of the banking experience, converting it into a leading customer centric financial institution.