Almoayyed Contracting Group Corporate Social Responsibility

Almoayyed Contracting Group Corporate Social Responsibility

At  Almoayyed Contracting Group (ACG) we see our projects and the environment as having a symbiotic relationship. We believe in taking up a holistic approach based on informed choices that will lead to sustainable practices.

ACG is always striving towards integrating environmentally sustainable practices across all its divisions. Through optimal utilization of energy sources, minimizing wastage and introducing greener products we are doing our part for the environment. As one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we hope to be an example to other organizations.

A few examples of how our companies are contributing towards the protection of the environment.

IFM : As a social and corporate responsibility, it is also engaged with environmental and sustainability services.

Air Conditioning : The company is currently exploring solar powered air conditioning as industry trends are looking into alternative energy methods

SIMPLEX : As a specialist piling company, Simplex Almoayyed places heavy emphasis on research and development with specific focus on safety and environmental impact mitigation.