Sustainability programs, The” green hack “a virtual challenge against waste pollution

Sustainability programs, The" green hack "a virtual challenge against waste pollution

The Algerian Startup Initiative (ASI) and the Algerian Center of Social Entrepreneurship (ACSE), two Algerian start-ups, have recently launched ‘The GreenHack’, a virtual challenge in Algeria. The initiative aims to combat waste pollution in the country’s natural and urban areas.

The Algerian Startup Initiative (ASI), a technological cooperation project that aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and the Algerian Center of Social Entrepreneurship (ACSE), a center for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in Algeria, raise awareness against waste pollution on social media. The two start-ups launched a virtual challenge in the country on March 22, 2020. Called “The GreenHack”, the competition deals with the issue of reducing pollution generated by human activity, in particular that of waste in Algeria’s natural and urban areas.

The virtual challenge is open to all Algerians with innovative ideas on environmental protection. Through this action, ASI and ACSE aim to contribute to raising citizens’ awareness of the fight against environmental pollution phenomena in all their forms and, thus, to implement concrete solutions to eradicate these phenomena.

The types of services required.

Candidates have until April 8, 2020, to express their interest. To take part in the virtual challenge, they will have to design communication and awareness-raising materials that will encourage Algerians to preserve the environment through responsible actions. Candidates have the choice between designing a sticker and making a video.

The sticker should have a standard dimension of 20 cm in length and 10 cm in height. The candidate may use one of the four languages proposed for the product, including Arabic (classical and Darja), Berber, French or English.

The video should be one minute long and should have a resolution of 720 pixels or 1080 pixels. The maximum size of the video should be 150 megabytes. The winners in each category (sticker and video) will receive a prize worth 250,000 Algerian dinars, equivalent to 1,827 euros.