Developing sustainable tourism in Taza National Park, Algeria

Developing sustainable tourism in Taza National Park, Algeria

Taza National Park applied to extend its borders to the adjacent marine area (9,603ha) and to create a new MPA. Although one of the smallest national parks in Algeria, it is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations – the Jijelian coast has over 5 million visitors every summer. Through the SEA-Med project, Taza National Park is implementing a policy of sustainable tourism in the park in partnership with coastal municipalities, promoting its natural land and marine areas. The project has engaged key stakeholders from the private and non-profit sector to develop sustainable tourism activities in the region.

The SEA-Med project contributed to the creation of new sustainable tourism activities in the area, including:

New underwater trails established with local diving clubs who are in charge of the management of the trails

Pescatourism activities – professional fishermen have been trained and informed of the benefits of limiting fishing effort while promoting sustainable forms of artisanal fishing.

Diversification of tourism and promotion of traditional culture and sustainable nature-based activities have been developed through a participative approach with local communities, tour operators, local authorities and the park staff Terrestrial routes have been established to alleviate intensive tourism and promote rural areas.

The project has also raised attention at a national level regarding the proposed new MPA at Taza, through a series of activities, including a popular underwater photo and video contest, organized by local diving clubs and park authorities.