Social responsibility is an essential element of the institutional culture of the Naaman Exchange Company.

تمثل المسؤولية الاجتماعية عنصراً جوهرياً من الثقافة المؤسساتية لشركة النعمان للصرافة

The Noman Exchange Company is one of the oldest and largest exchange and money transfer companies in the Republic of Yemen, with its headquarters in the capital of Sana ' a. It is Yemen ' s first financial and banking institution with a global quality certificate ISO9001. The company was founded in 1995 on the basis of Yemeni Law No. 20 of 1995 to regulate the currency exchange in the Republic of Yemen, as amended.

The name of the Naaman Exchange is synonymous with trust, integrity and quality, over a 25-year history. We commit ourselves to providing our clients with the best exchange rates with the highest quality of services, and we serve our clients through our 20 branch network and through 1,600 service points throughout the Republic as well as our 197-country network of agents around the world.

The company provides an integrated package of financial services that includes the sale and purchase of all currencies, money transfer services, payment of salaries to workers and employees, and payment of invoices.

Naaman also provides special and distinct services to companies and businesses in the area of competitive exchange rate exchange and remittances easily, quickly and safely.

Social responsibility is an essential element of the institutional culture of the Naaman Exchange Company. As part of our commitment to providing banking excellence, we always keep in mind the people and communities in which they live, so we are keen to make every effort to establish and support a decent environment for life and work for all components of society.

Based on our goals and values, we at the Naaman Exchange Company are always keen to remain active and influential in the economic development of our beloved country and the prosperity of its people.

We have always committed ourselves to a series of social programmes within a clear methodology in various sectors of society, including education, health, environment, sport and general social programmes, as well as to the care of persons with special needs, orphans, displaced persons and refugees.

The Naaman Exchange Company is also committed to numerous charitable activities and activities at the local level. It is working to form a team of its cadres and to charge them with landings on the ground to carry out charitable work aimed at certain segments of society, such as the care of displaced persons and the provision of accommodation and other charitable work.