National Crisis and Transition Issues – The Way Forward

الأزمة الوطنية وقضايا الانتقال - الطريق للأمام

It is an initiative launched by Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok with the aim of finding a way out of the national crisis and issues of democratic transition in his country. The initiative includes 7 axes: reforming the security and military sector, justice, economy, peace, dismantling the “June 30” regime, fighting corruption, foreign policy and national sovereignty, and the Transitional Legislative Council. The foundations of the comprehensive settlement include unifying the transitional bloc, achieving the largest possible consensus within it on the transition tasks, and embarking directly and through an agreed upon timetable on the process of reaching a single professional and national army with a new military doctrine through a process of comprehensive reform, in a way that expresses Sudan’s unique diversity, and unifying the decision centers within. The state and its work according to a common vision.