“Kitabat” initiative

مبادرة "كتابة"

It is an initiative announced in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, launched by the poet Muhammad Abdel Bari to publish Sudanese poetry, on the night of the launch of the Sudanese edition of his latest collection (No Longer Blue), which is the fourth by the young Sudanese poet and consists of 18 poems.

Many reasons prompted Abdul Bari, who lived most of his life in the diaspora, to search for a publisher for a Sudanese edition of his poetry so that the Sudanese reader could own it with less difficulty. The choice fell on the University of Khartoum Printing and Publishing House, which the poet informed of his waiver of the revenues from these editions, provided that they would be allocated to publishing collections by poets. youths.

The idea of ​​the initiative, according to what Muhammad Abdel-Bari told Al-Jazeera Net, “It arose with the idea of ​​issuing a Sudanese edition, so the agreement was with the University of Khartoum House for Printing and Distribution. In fact, the initiative was a development of this cooperation, but I think that thinking about doing something similar began before that,” so that the University of Khartoum Printing and Publishing House would be the first partner and the “Kitabat” initiative would write its first lines.

The initiative was greatly welcomed by a number of institutions, the first of which was the University of Khartoum, represented by the University of Khartoum Printing and Publishing House, the Professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb Institute for the Arabic Language, as well as the Khartoum House of Poetry, which is based at the university.