Mayor of Djibouti launches “Zero Waste” initiative in the capital

عمدة جيبوتي يُطلق مبادرة"صفر نفايات" في العاصمة

Mayor Said Dawood Mohamed launched the “Zero Waste” initiative in the capital Djibouti during the first public meeting with the newly elected members of the municipalities and neighborhoods of the capital in the meeting hall of Djibouti Municipality.

The meeting reviewed the future projects of the Capital Administration and the three municipalities, planning to enhance the overall appearance of the capital Djibouti and ways to develop all its neighborhoods.

In a speech at the meeting, the Mayor of Djibouti spoke, saying:

“The General Assembly meeting of the municipalities and neighborhoods of the capital comes within the framework of launching our joint efforts aimed at adopting new programs that contribute to improving the lives and livelihoods of citizens, especially striving to enhance the urban appearance of the capital and its neighborhoods and public squares through lighting, renovation, and paving of public roads and pathways while taking into consideration the preservation of old buildings with their beautiful historical features.”

Mayor Said Dawood added,

“We will implement ambitious projects over the next 5 years to change the landmarks of the capital for the better and give it a modern character, with a focus on housing projects to achieve containment of the phenomenon of informal housing and other negative aspects on the capital’s environment and overall appearance.”

As part of the preparations for celebrating the glorious 45th anniversary of Independence Day on June 27, the Mayor mentioned:

“The launch of a new initiative under the slogan ‘Zero Waste’ aimed at creating a modern lifestyle that aligns with the environment and adds a beautiful touch to the capital. The initiative will be launched starting from the end of this week through taking a package of field measures and various cultural, awareness, and media activities aimed at implementing a public cleanliness campaign where everyone contributes with a collective spirit to clean the main streets of the capital and public places, including beautifying the facades of commercial shops.”

Mayor Dawood concluded his speech by thanking the municipal councils of the capital, civil society associations, and neighborhood leaders for their attendance at this meeting and their positive and effective engagement.