Libya participates in the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development in Beirut via video technology

ليبيا تشارك في أعمال المنتدى العربي للتنمية المستدامة ببيروت عبر تقنية الفيديو

The Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee in Libya, the Director General of the Planning Institute at the Ministry of Planning, Taher Abu Al-Hasan, participated in the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development held in Beirut via video conference.

During his participation in the roundtable discussion on voluntary national reviews to follow up on the 2030 plan at the sub-national and national levels and address inequality, Abu Al-Hasan called for consideration in government planning in all Arab countries at both national and sub-national levels as a national system in which all levels and stakeholders participate in sustainable development.

Abu Al-Hasan referred to the Libyan experience in preparing the first voluntary report for Libya on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, which was reviewed in July 2020 with the participation of all national levels and various sectors in preparing the voluntary report.

He emphasized the importance of recognizing the role of local stakeholders (sub-national) from local governments and local residents in municipalities and different regions and empowering them to take necessary measures to achieve sustainable development goals at the local level in cities and local communities, enhancing decentralization to enable local governments to fulfill their responsibilities in achieving sustainable development goals.

The Chairman of the Development Committee stressed in his speech the importance of producing sub-national data and enhancing the role of local financing derived from municipal revenues in achieving sustainable development goals, pointing out that these measures support effective national planning to achieve sustainable development goals and significantly contribute to not neglecting anyone and addressing inequality.