Launch of the Sustainable Development Plan for the Hadramawt-Saharan Valley

تدشين خطة التنمية المستدامة بوادي حضرموت والصحراء

Today, the Under-Secretary of the Department of Hadramawt for the Directorates of the Wadi and Sahara, Abdelhadi Tamimi, launched the Sustainable Development Plan project, which is being implemented by an initiative that helped in coordination with the Office of Social Affairs and Labour of the Hadramawt Valley.

The activities of the project include numerous programmes and activities to develop a clear vision for achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals 2030m.

He commended the project, which would have the desired impact and the developmental change required to promote ways of eliminating the spectre and causes of hunger, by establishing economic and social balance, creating jobs that would achieve a better standard of living, harnessing scientific and technical assets and properly directing and managing resources to achieve sustainable economic growth.

The Deputy Director-General of the Office of Social Affairs and Labour of the Hadramawt Valley, Mohammed Tamimi, explained that the proclamation of the current year of sustainable development was in keeping with global progress in achieving the 2030 development goals. Commending the significant role of civil society organizations in complementing the efforts of the State and the private sector, he called for the importance of doubling efforts because of the increasing humanitarian needs and circumstances at present.

In addition, Assistant Governor Abdelhadi Al Tamimi and Head of the Initiative, Omar Gilani, opened the Development Fair (jointly with sustainable development), which is being implemented by civil society organizations.

The amulet agent of the exhibition, listening to a full explanation from the participants of the exhibition ' s contents of paintings and graphs, models of urban popular heritage and innovations for people with special needs.