Hanadi Abu Ramadan…the story of the queen of social responsibility in Palestine

هنادي أبو رمضان.. قصّة ملكة المسؤولية الاجتماعية في فلسطين

Community initiatives, in one way or another, affect the lives of those who run them and those who benefit from them as well, and there are examples that confirm this, the most recent of which is the “Hand in Hand, Helpful Work” initiative by its owner, Palestinian teacher Hanadi Abu Ramadan, as a result of which she was crowned with the title of “Queen of Social Responsibility” in occupied Palestine.

Palestinian teacher and educational counselor Hanadi Abu Ramadan, 35 years old, works at Al-Shuja’iya “Government A” Secondary School for Girls in Gaza. She won the title of Queen of Social Responsibility for Supporting Arab Women at the Palestine level in the final qualifiers of the competition held in the United Arab Emirates.

Hanadi says that she applied to the program three years ago, the only one from the Gaza Strip, along with four women for initiatives in the West Bank, with the participation of 14 Arab countries out of 20 candidates in the entire Arab world, until she advanced to the final qualifiers and was then crowned champion for Palestine.

She adds that her initiative, “Hand in Hand, Helpful Work,” is based on three main axes, which combined the encouragement of professional specializations, the preparation of small projects, and the encouragement of national products as well.

“Happiness is an indescribable feeling. A person feels it as if his heart is beating. He wants to tell it to his mother, father, wife, and to everyone around him, and even to the whole world.” This is what Hanadi’s first moments seemed like when the results of the competition were announced. Loud laughter and eyes widened with joy, then phone calls here and there to share with relatives. In which.

She continues, “I cried and my family cried. I was in Dubai and they were in Gaza, but hearts were comforting each other, of course. I am proud that I represented Palestine and raised its name high. I am also proud that I achieved success for myself and my family, and most importantly, enriching the initiative more and more.”

Queen Hanadi obtained a license from the European Union’s Supreme Development Council for her initiative to become an international organization, as it needs two months to complete the procedures and then begin building a headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

Regarding her ambition, she says, “I entered the program concerned with Arab women and proved my role at all levels and proved my worth,” adding, “I am a Palestinian woman who defies difficulties, and reaching the highest places and levels in the services provided by our initiative is my highest ambition, especially since it targets all groups of youth, women, and men, and every step I will do it, and I am confident that it will have a greater impact and build on the energies that benefit from the initiative.”

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Ziad Thabet, congratulated the teacher, Abu Ramadan, saying: We are proud of this qualitative achievement that proves that the Palestinian teacher is creative and distinguished and can achieve success and excellence and raise the flag of Palestine high in Arab and international forums despite the difficult circumstances.

It is noteworthy that achieving this achievement and reaching this level of counselor Abu Ramadan is a new achievement added to the achievements of Palestinian women. It is also an important achievement for male and female teachers and the educational and guidance sector in Gaza and Palestine.

It is also noteworthy that the Social Responsibility Queen competition is being organized in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and provides the opportunity for competition among the women of the Arab world to present initiatives that benefit the living reality.