Bank of Palestine..continuous support for social responsibility

بنك فلسطين.. دعم متواصل للمسؤولية الاجتماعية

The Bank of Palestine continued its giving through contributions to many different development sectors within Palestine in line with A set of values ​​and ethics that the bank has followed in its expansion towards enhancing activities and projects that work to meet… The needs of Palestinian society and by assuming its humanitarian responsibilities. Despite the difficult circumstances that our people lived through last year, the bank continued to allocate approximately % 5 of its annual profits to support social responsibility projects and activities. The bank’s annual contributions remained focused on the sectors of education, youth, creativity, sports, health and environment, culture and arts. Development, economic affairs, and humanitarian endeavours. The bank also continued to encourage its employees to volunteer, through development projects and humanitarian initiatives Implemented with partner institutions. ‬

Palestine in the Heart campaign

A wide campaign to mobilize support and donations to provide relief to our people affected by the aggression against Palestine, which includes:

Forming volunteer teams of bank employees, they distributed large quantities of fresh water, drinking water, and meals to more than 70,000 displaced people who left their destroyed homes and headed to shelter centers.
Launching a major campaign under the title “Palestine in the Heart… Together we donate, together we build it,” in order to mobilize support and donations to relief our people affected by the recent aggression against Palestine. The Bank of Palestine Financial Group will harness its full capabilities, relationships, media and advertising windows, and electronic and banking platforms to receive donations from citizens, customers, and expatriates. The group will also contribute to donating to our people in Gaza.
Giving those affected by the aggression a purchase voucher to provide health and hygiene needs
In addition, the Bank of Palestine Group will continue to work with relief agencies to evaluate different levels of interventions needed for the humanitarian and economic crisis, using all channels and resources of the entire Group.

Mobile pink clinic

Bank of Palestine, in partnership with Donia, the Specialized Center for Women’s Oncology, and a number of partners, launched the mobile pink clinic in 2018. The clinic came within the efforts of the bank and its partners in the music marathon, which was led by the Joubran Trio, to provide resources to purchase, equip and operate the clinic. The clinic aims to reach Palestinian women. Wherever they are, encourage them to undergo regular examinations, as the cure rate for breast cancer reaches 90% if detected early.

Fellowship program

The bank launched a fellowship program 7 years ago to contribute to the development of university education and academic and scientific experiences in universities Palestinians in all their specializations by sending them on scientific and applied visits abroad to develop expertise, gain experiences, and return to transfer These experiences are for university students, which in turn will facilitate their involvement in the labor market and meet the required needs Human competencies. Until the end of last year, more than two hundred academics, technicians and administrators had been sent on scholarships from various universities The Palestinian Authority published more than 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and networked with many foreign universities . ‬

Diabetes campaign

The bank annually launches an awareness campaign to prevent diabetes, and the campaign in 2019 was entitled “My health and your health is better.” From Sugar” in partnership with the Roots Foundation for Health and Social Development and a number of partners. The campaign aims to prevent it by contributing to the development of health awareness tools, especially if we know that About 10% of the Palestinian population suffers from diabetes, which is the fourth cause of death among Palestinians after diseases Cardiovascular disease, cancer and cerebrovascular disease.

Al-Bayarah Project

The Bank continued to implement the “Al-Bayyara Gardens” project in all Palestinian governorates to provide a safe and appropriate place for children With their recreational needs and physical health, with the contribution of partner institutions inside and outside the country, including the Welfare Foundation and Mona In the name of Hishmeh and the United Charitable Society for the Holy Land, 32 pyres have been constructed so far in 11 Palestinian governorate. Many entertainment activities for children entitled “Let’s Go to the Bayara” have been organized in a number of… The groves.

Palestinian Museum

The Bank of Palestine provides annual support to the Palestinian Museum, an independent cultural institution dedicated to promoting an open Palestinian culture. Dynamic at the local and international levels, the museum presents and contributes to the production of narratives about the history, culture and society of Palestine with a perspective New, it also provides an incubator environment for creative projects, educational programs and innovative research, and it is one of the most important cultural projects Contemporary in Palestine. ‬

“Wajd” program to sponsor orphans

The bank provided sponsorship for the “Wajd” program, which was designed to help orphans of the last war in 2014 on the Gaza Strip. The number of beneficiaries of its services during this year 2019 reached about 2,027 orphans, from 641 families, through Implementing a number of projects in several fields, including education, health, empowering youth and mothers, and following up on resident children In accommodation centres. The activities were implemented in a number of community centers distributed in the governorates of the sector according to the geographical distribution of orphans . The Taawon Foundation is implementing the project with support from the Qatar Fund for Development, contributions from the Bank and the Haj Hashem Atta Fund Shawa Charitable Endowment. ‬