Cosumar Group activities within the framework of corporate social responsibility

أنشطة مجموعة كوسومار في إطار المسؤولية الاجتماعية للمقاولة

The COSUMAR Group carries out many activities commensurate with its responsibility towards its collaborators, civil society and the entire surrounding ecosystem.

In the rural world: As a responsible community, COSUMAR carries out many activities for the benefit of peasants and their families with the aim of developing the areas and in particular promoting access to health treatments and services as well as education. In addition, COSUMAR mobilizes alongside civil society to carry out several charitable works.

For the collaborators and their families: COSUMAR takes special care of its collaborators and their families by granting many social benefits and organizing educational and cultural events.

For ecosystem development: A partnership agreement was concluded between COSUMAR and Attijariwafa Bank in order to support very small and medium enterprises that operate in the business ecosystem by creating a support and support framework. COSUMAR also helped create 160 enterprises involved in seasonal agricultural activities. COSUMAR also signed an agreement within the framework of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises in order to strengthen the partnership between large enterprises and medium and small enterprises, as well as an agreement with the Agricultural Credit in Morocco in order to support the sugar chain. Moreover, COSUMAR received the “Productive Environment” award presented by the organizers of the forum.

Works for the benefit of civil society: COSUMAR is involved in many developmental and socio-educational activities through partnerships with national non-governmental organizations such as the “Happy Hour” association, the “Al-Jisr” association, and the “Injaz Morocco” program, but also with a group of major Moroccan schools.

These activities carried out by the Cosumar Group enabled it to win the crown several times, including:

The Corporate Social Responsibility Mark granted by the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises to all branches of the group;
“Best Performance” award given by Viggio in 2011 and 2014.
“Pioneers of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Green Economy in Africa” award at the Second Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa, organized in the Tunisian capital in 2013.
• Rotary Club’s Mrs. Sultan Award, “Citizen Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.”