CBK as a socially responsible financial institution

CBK as a socially responsible financial institution

Commercial Bank of Kuwait has always strived to be a good corporate citizen by being in the heart of social activities. The Bank has a significant footprint in society servicing which was ingrained within its corporate culture. Long years back, the Bank continues its efforts targeting support of all social activities. Being the second oldest Bank in Kuwait, CBK assumes its prominent role as a socially responsible financial institution in Kuwait by employing all its resources and capabilities to support education, health, culture, entertainment and environment activities in Kuwait. This comes out of the Bank’s firm belief that Corporate Social Responsibility effectively contributes in attaining sustainable growth of society.

These efforts were recognized with the Bank receiving a prestigious GCC-CSR Award where it was honored at the sideline of the 33rd session of the Council of Ministers of Labor & Council of Social Affairs of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States which was held in Riyadh. The Bank’s “HawwenAlihom” campaign launched 5 years back has been selected and named as the 2016 pioneering CSR project. This innovative campaign was meant to help construction workers and road cleaners and distribute some gifts that suit their needs as they work under tough weather conditions and to share this segment their celebration of auspicious occasions and feasts to bring happiness to their hearts and draw smile on their faces. This reflects the Bank’s belief in the main role of this segment in preserving the environment and keeping it clean.

Communications Division endeavored to demonstrate & accentuate the Bank’s consolidated

efforts towards social responsibility through sponsorship & support and participation in diverse

social activities and the different humanitarian & philanthropic events that illustrate the Bank’s

focus on underpinning the comprehensive concept of social responsibility and its contribution

in sustainable development that is positively reflected on all society segments through social

activities & events organized and patronized by the Bank.

Commercial Bank of Kuwait always proves its leadership in societal related activities as a

prestigious financial institution that endeavors to build successful partnerships with all civil society

institutions and social work organizations. This comes out of the Bank’s belief in the importance

of the consolidated efforts exerted for sustainable development through proactive sponsorship

of the diverse societal activities in a way that serves all society segments.

Drawing on this, Corporate Communications Division continued its efforts to patronize & support

a number of sporting, cultural, educational and awareness activities and other events organized

by social society institutions and which aim to strengthen cooperation between the Bank and

society in which it operates apart from the Bank’s sponsorship of the activities targeting the

physically challenged segment.

Furthermore, the Bank’s Corporate Communications Divisions has had a pivotal role in

demonstrating numerous services and products offered by the Bank to customers through

coordination and follow-up to communicate such services & products to the Bank’s customers

and non-customers via print and audio-visual media as well as the different social media sites.

Moreover, Corporate Communications Division endeavored to assume its usual role towards the

Bank’s staff members by arranging awareness, health and marketing activities and events aiming

to solidify social ties among all staff members as one family.

In conclusion, and through the consolidated efforts of the Corporate Communications Division,

the Bank will continue its drive for serving all segments of Kuwaiti society and its civil institutions

by arranging & sponsoring programs and activities & events specially designated to support the

efforts exerted for sustainable development in Kuwait.