Zain Bahrain Launched CSR Campaign to ‘Enrich Your Ramadan’

Zain Bahrain Launched CSR Campaign to ‘Enrich Your Ramadan’

Zain Bahrain, the most innovative operator in the Kingdom, will work with a number of NGO’s to support a variety of social, charitable and humanitarian initiatives under its Ramadan CSR Program, ‘Enrich Your Ramadan’

Zain Bahrain’s ambitious drive to create awareness and give back to the less fortunate will be spurred through a month-long CSR campaign that aims to support the community by donating and volunteering towards several causes.

“The holistic campaign will be focusing on the community at large; however our prime focus is to support the disabled. We have organized a number of outreach programs to spread awareness about the plight of the disabled in the Kingdom,” said Samya Hussein, Corporate Communications Manager of Zain Bahrain.

In addition, Zain will be hosting a Ghabga in collaboration with Bahrain Mobility Institute at its premises, and attend the weekly Majlis at BMI where different segments will be hosted in regards to the aspirations and needs of the disabled.

The operator also launched a package tailored for individuals with special needs, available at all Zain shops. Customers can enjoy unlimited free video calls with unlimited on net minutes on all postpaid package in addition to free voices calls, SMS and Data with a monthly rent of BD4.

Another initiative launched by the operator is the ‘Iftar Drive’ where a well-balanced and full meal will be donated to less fortunate families in collaboration with Al Rahma Centre, Bahrain Mobility Institute and other charitable organizations. Customers can also join the drive by sending an SMS to 94030 worth BD1.5 and a meal will be donated on their behalf to a Bahraini family.

Zain Bahrain will also be lending a helping hand to other causes, as well as rollout an outreach program by visiting a number of elderly homes and orphanages, as well as support make dreams of children with terminal illness comes true.

Accompanied by their focused efforts to support low-income families and disables, Zain Bahrain will provide air conditioning units to the elderly and families in need to alleviate the summer’s harsh temperatures, especially during the holy month.

With an innovative approach in executing CSR initiatives, Zain Bahrain is a committed corporate citizen and is proud of the Ramadan CSR initiatives that are part of their long-term CSR strategy.