The National Oil Corporation enhances sustainable development plans with the Development Program

المؤسسة الوطنية للنفط تعزز خطط التنمية المستدامة مع "البرنامج الإنمائي"

President of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, discussed sustainable development plans during a meeting with the representative of the United Nations Development Program in Libya, Melanie Hennessey, to explore future cooperation opportunities and establish a partnership with the development program.

Sanalla emphasized during the meeting, attended by the Director of the UNDP office in Libya, Amal El Maghrebi, that the National Oil Corporation, under the umbrella of sustainable development and through its partners, has succeeded in establishing a successful partnership with the UN program in recent years, being the largest funder of programs.

The President of the Corporation said: “We have implemented numerous programs and projects in several municipalities, including Ubari, Rajban, Zintan, Jadu, and Zawiya, and we are ready to discuss any future cooperation opportunities through the agreements signed with the Corporation’s partners.”

The meeting also addressed the Corporation’s efforts in reducing emissions, utilizing flared gas, aligning with sustainable development goals, and international agreements related to climate.