Sustainable development in Morocco is a strategic option to consolidate gains

التنمية المستدامة في المغرب خيار إستراتيجي لتثبيت المكاسب

The Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development in Morocco, Leila Benali, confirmed that sustainable development is a strategic choice that came to consolidate the gains achieved through several sectoral strategies and plans. This came while she recently chaired a meeting via visual communication technology for the committee tracking and keeping pace with the national strategy for sustainable development in Morocco, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

The Minister explained that the completed evaluation showed the need to focus more on the strategic goals that will constitute a source for determining practical measures to activate the national strategy for sustainable development by the sectors concerned. The meeting was devoted to presenting the results of the evaluation of the national strategy for sustainable development in Morocco, three years after its implementation, and to discuss the roadmap for updating it, taking into account national and international developments.

Intersections with sustainable development

In her intervention, Minister Leila Benali stressed the necessity of aligning this strategy with the recommendations of the report on the new development model for Morocco, which includes several axes that have significant intersections with the requirements of sustainable development, in addition to taking into account the government program and the Kingdom’s international commitments, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Development Agenda and its 17 goals. As for the Charter for Ideal Administration, which was recently updated, the Minister explained that it constitutes one of the important means of tracking the involvement of public administrations and their contribution to the path of sustainable development in Morocco.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a set of recommendations were presented, mainly related to the adoption of a road map to modernize the national strategy for sustainable development in Morocco and the modernization of the ideal management charter. These recommendations will be submitted for approval by the National Committee for Sustainable Development headed by the Prime Minister.

It is noteworthy that the National Strategy for Sustainable Development in Morocco – which was approved during the ministerial meeting chaired by Moroccan King Mohammed VI – constitutes the reference framework for all sectoral programs in the field of sustainability.

Sectoral plans for sustainable development are currently being implemented, in addition to a horizontal plan for ideal management, and partnership agreements have been signed with various parties in Morocco, with the aim of incorporating the objectives of this strategy into development plans.

Sustainable development in Morocco

Morocco has recognized the importance of reformulating economic policies around sustainability, and the government has begun launching several green economy initiatives related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, water and waste management, and sustainable agriculture.

Through the Ministry of Energy Transition, led by Dr. Leila Benali, the Kingdom seeks to increase green financing, job creation, capacity building and innovation, in partnership with the private sector.