Sustainable Development Goals: Algeria contributes “efficiently” to launching 2030 Agenda

Sustainable Development Goals: Algeria contributes “efficiently” to launching 2030 Agenda

The assistant director of the specialized International Programmes and Institutions at Foreign Affairs Ministry made a speech at the opening of the workshop on “Raising the civil society awareness about SDGs,” co-organized by the United Nations System and the Algerian government.

He said that the country has opted, for an “approach to carry on and strengthen the progress made as part of the Millennium Development Objectives (MDGs), a certain number of which were achieved before due time.”

For these results, he added, Algeria was “congratulated” by international institutions, underlining that it concerns the eradication of poverty below the international line of 0.8%, primary education for all children, female representation at parliaments (+31%) as well as reducing infant/maternal mortality.

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As part of achieving the sustainable development goals, a roadmap was drawn up by Algeria, consisting notably in raising the stakeholders awareness about these objectives, including them in the national development policies and providing the financial resources to execute them, added Mahi, pointing out the implementation of an intersectoral committee, coordinated by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and sitting in the National Economic and Social Council (CNES).

He underscored the “cooperation” between Algeria and the United Nations System in terms of implementing sustainable development goals, adding that an assessment conference is held every year on the different aspects of the issue.

For his part, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System Eric Overvest underlined the joint support project between the United Nations and the Algerian Government for the implementation of SDGs, considering that this objective starts with informing and consciousness-raising on 2030 Agenda in order to create a dynamic among citizens, a shared vision and a partnership and coalition work.”