Sustainability at Shell Oman

Sustainability at Shell Oman


Shell Oman has put in place an annual social investment budget and has developed a strategy that targets a wide range of initiatives to drive social awareness and contribute to the well-being of the local community focusing on the following strategic themes, Road Safety, Environment and Community Development.

Shell Oman plans and executes projects and runs facilities to create lasting social benefits by focusing on local talent development, using local suppliers and contractors and setting a good example through business practices and ethics as well as maintaining high standards of health, safety, security and environment driven by respect for people and the core values of honesty and integrity which are embedded in the Shell General Business Principles for over 30 years.

Apart from the targeted strategic social investment initiatives planned at the beginning of every year, Shell Oman keeps a window open for a dialogue with the Omani community in terms of social investment through Donations & Sponsorships budget to address the requests received from various organisations, charities and entities in Oman. This approach allows the Company to build on its strategic long-term relationship with its stakeholders in the public and private sector as well as non-government organisations and youth charity groups.


We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of neighbouring communities. We work closely with them to manage the social impacts of our business activities, address any concerns about our operations, and enhance the benefits that we are able to bring.

We are supporting economic development in Oman while delivering our commitment to sustainable development and making a lasting difference in the society.

Shell Oman embarks upon several initiatives that serve different segments of the community. Those initiatives focus on different areas varying from road safety, environment,  tourism and education.

Shell Oman continues its commitment to developing tourism in Oman through supporting major government festivities such as the Muscat Festival and Salalah Tourism Festival in which Shell Oman finds a great opportunity to participate in developing the tourism sector in the Sultanate.

Social investment in Oman

Shell Oman partners with the Royal Oman Police in running the Children’s Traffic School, which plays an important role in raising awareness in our young generation towards road safety and in the importance of complying with traffic rules.

On an annual basis Shell Oman organizes a fun events for the orphan, which comes as part of the annual and continuous activities organized by the company aiming to draw a smile on the faces of the orphaned kids. Moreover, Shell Oman works hand in hand with most of the charitable organizations in the Sultanate aiming to support their efforts in aiding the needy families.

We work closely with communities to understand their concerns and identify how to address them. We aim to avoid or reduce any adverse impacts and to manage those impacts that may be unavoidable.

By engaging openly with communities we are able to identify how and where we can bring sustainable benefits. We do this in many ways: by creating new jobs, encouraging local businesses to be a part of our supply chain, and providing useful skills training for people.


For Shell, sustainability means providing essential energy for a growing population, while respecting people, their safety and the environment.

Sustainability at Shell touches on all areas of our operations. We aim to deliver the energy needed for a growing population in a responsible way – respecting people, their safety and the environment. Sustainability is essential to the longevity of our business and our role as a member of society.

Our approach to sustainability is integrated across our business activities on three levels:

  1. Running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business

This is the foundation of our approach, which includes having global standards, processes and tools in place to manage safety, environment and community involvement. We aim to continuously improve the way we operate to prevent incidents and identify, avoid where possible and minimise adverse environmental and social impacts across our projects and facilities. We report on our performance in our annual sustainability report.

  1. Sharing wider benefits where we operate

Our business is planned for the long term, which means we can be part of a community for decades. We help to develop local economies by creating jobs, sourcing from local suppliers, and paying taxes and royalties. We support community projects that are based on the needs of the local communities.

  1. Helping to shape a more sustainable energy future

In the coming decades, more and cleaner energy will be needed for economic development in the face of growing environmental pressures. We are investing in low-carbon energy solutions and advanced technologies, such as those that increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. We continue to contribute to the public dialogue on energy and climate policy. Yet, the scale of the global challenges that the world faces are too great for one company, or one sector, to resolve. We advocate business, government and civil society working together to better shape a more sustainable energy future.