Somali Prime Minister presents Somalia’s vision for sustainable development in Paris

رئيس الوزراء الصومالي يقدم رؤية الصومال للتنمية المستدامة في باريس

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire presented Somalia’s vision for the Sustainable Development Goals at the Paris Forum for Peace, where he called for linking the Sustainable Development Goals with security, reducing poverty, forgiving debts, fighting corruption, and working with the Somali government to provide services to citizens in order to enhance legitimacy. The Somali Prime Minister’s speech was admired by the forum’s participants.

At the beginning of his speech, Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire asked, “How do the sustainable development goals fit into developing or post-war countries?” How does it fit countries that have gone through difficult stages for nearly 30 years? A country like our country, Somalia, which is currently trying to deal with international financial institutions and whose debt is about to be forgiven after three years of hard work…a country that is trying to reform its security system, a country that is trying to establish a system of government to provide services to our people to be a legitimate government.”

In his speech, Khairy criticized international organizations that do not work to achieve the sustainable development goals or deal with alternative organizations that spend billions of dollars on marginal matters that have nothing to do with Somalia’s problems. He said, “To achieve the sustainable development goals, how much do you spend on Somalia?” Of course he will say nothing. Ask any of them (the organizations) how much do you spend to eliminate the problems of Somalia while you deal directly with the Somali government? Most of them will say nothing. In light of this, any aid provided to a country that does not enhance the government’s legitimacy will not be sufficient and will only be temporary.”

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire presented Somalia’s vision for the sustainable development goals, saying, “But the world is passing through a phase that links the concept of poverty reduction with security, service provision, good governance (governance), and the elimination of corruption.. I am talking about my country, Somalia. This is why I am thinking In the context, where we stand, or where my country is looking forward today.”

Khairy called on the participants in the Paris Forum for Peace to change the narrative or mentality that sees the world as one and applies uniform methods and models to all countries. He said, “There is our country that has needs that differ from the needs of other countries, so spending differs and we cannot make the measure of sustainable development goals the same.” It is required of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, or Canada, and to say to the developing countries, “We will return to you when they are comparable,” to use the same methods as those countries. Therefore, there must be other appropriate methods for helping other countries to achieve the goals of sustainable development, based on the surrounding circumstances of each country. For this reason, I think that our dialogue must be directed positively towards the extent to which we eradicate poverty or help countries, but also the effectiveness of the model itself.”

It is worth noting that Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has long experience in the field of development, as he headed for many years international institutions working in the field of development and relief. There is a tendency for the Somali government to link Somali development plans to international aid through 4 specific courses, which are security, justice, service provision, comprehensive politics, and the economy.