Somali National Development Plan 2020-2024

خطة التنمية الوطنية الصومالية 2020-2024

The Somali National Development Plan 2020-2024 is the ninth national development plan that sets the country’s path towards achieving economic growth and reducing poverty in the next five years.

Pillars and objectives

Pillar: Inclusive and responsible policy


Achieving national stability and peace through comprehensive political processes and effective decentralization

Pillar: Peace, security and rule of law


Establish unified, capable, accountable, and rights-based federal security institutions that guarantee basic safety and security for citizens

Securing and improving access to justice at a reasonable cost, and increasing people’s confidence in the judiciary

Pillar: Inclusive economic growth


Maintain sustainable economic growth and create greater employment opportunities by transforming traditional industries, such as livestock and crop production, and adapting them to climate change, while stimulating growth in the private sector

Pillar: Improving social and human development


Improving education and training

Improving access to health care

Strengthening social protection

Improving disaster risk management

Improving the delivery of public services