Qatar Charity receives significant response from companies

Qatar Charity receives significant response from companies

Qatar Charity (QC) on Saturday said the ‘5%’ program, launched by QC to create and restore hope to low-income families and students in Qatar during Ramadan, received a “great response” from three companies who announced that a certain part of their sales profits would go to the initiative as part of their responsibility towards society.

Jassim Mohamed al-Emadi, director of the Programs and Community Development Department, thanked the companies for supporting the ‘5%’ program, indicating that the corporate sector in Qatar has remained a genuine partner in the field of charitable work, especially in special seasons like Ramadan and during crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Al-Emadi explained that the program aims to provide financial assistance to families with limited income and students during Ramadan, aiming to support them in the humanitarian conditions caused by the pandemic.

Mondrian Doha, managed by leading international lifestyle hospitality group sbe, has announced a special charitable initiative launched in partnership with Qatar Charity. The team at EllaMia, Mondrian’s beautiful and sophisticated coffee and desserts brand, has prepared a special Ramadan ‘Hope Box’ of exquisite oriental sweets with traditional ingredients. 25% of its sales will go to QC’s ‘5%’ initiative aimed at supporting students and low-income families.

Mikel Ibrahim, regional vice-president (Sales & Marketing), sbe group, said: “In line with sbe’s community-focused values and CSR commitment, Mondrian’s ‘Hope Box’ aims at supporting low-income families in Qatar. We hope that EllaMia sweet boxes will become not only a perfect addition to any Iftar table, but also a special Ramadan gift to anyone who genuinely cares about those in need.”

The Athb Lama project has also participated in creating and restoring hope to those with limited income by allocating 50% of the tote bag profit that will go towards low-income families through QC. The project officer, Athb al-Lama al-Nahdi, said they participated in the ‘5%’ program to seize the opportunity of Ramadan to help families with limited income, adding that many families have been affected by the pandemic. She also noted that “it is our collective duty to stand by them and help them within the framework of our social responsibility”.

Gitco Group has also provided financial support to the program. Nisar Ahmed Payoorayil, managing director, Gitco Group, said: “It is our pleasure to join such an esteemed charity organization like Qatar Charity to support its program.’’

Payoorayil thanked QC for giving the group this opportunity to extend support to limited-income families during their challenging time.

The concept of the program is that organizations, companies, and shops can support it by donating 5% of their profits for one month only. The donations will then be allocated for the benefit of low-income families and primary, preparatory, and secondary school students.