Odasia Eco-Dyeing is an example of success in sustainable development

«أوداسيا» للصباغات الإيكولوجية مثال للنجاح في التنمية المستدامة

Odasia is currently the first producer of ecological dyes in Morocco. It provides dyeing craftsmen and engineers with multiple products and decorative dyes in different and exclusive shapes. Since its inception, Audasia has taken a bold bet to produce dyes without toxic materials that pollute the environment.

This initiative enabled the company to obtain the European Certificate of Quality and Respect for the Environment for the year 2013.

Thus, it became the first Moroccan and African company to obtain this European mark, which serves as a guarantee of high technical quality and respect for the environment.

“Audasia Ecological” dyes are water-based dyes that do not contain hazardous substances that are harmful to the health of the consumer (without the evaporation of laxatives). They are considered the most effective solution to the problems of asthma and allergies that are related to the use of oil-based dyes, or those that contain laxatives derived from petroleum and alcohol.

Indeed, as is common in European countries, the company has banned itself since its establishment in 2006 from manufacturing or marketing paints that pose a risk to health or the environment.

Thanks to the expertise of its R&D team, A’Audacia has been able to capitalize on the development of green chemistry, successfully formulating high-performance paints that respect people and their environment while being economically beneficial. Which earned it the status of being the first paint factory in Morocco to obtain the “European Ecolabel” label.

In this way, technical director Mohamed Bmohdi tells us: “We are pleased to carry this brand since 2013, and we are proud to offer professionals paints that represent real walls against chronic diseases caused by solvent-based paints.”

Research and development in the service of comfort and energy efficiency

Reducing the Moroccan carbon footprint largely involves improving the energy efficiency of buildings, as buildings in Morocco are true thermal “refineries”, with energy losses that may reach their peak.

After several months of research, Audacia launched products aimed at improving thermal comfort and reducing energy loss.

These dyes, which have been tested and certified by independent laboratories, are environmentally friendly and easy to implement and will be offered at prices in line with Moroccan market expectations.

Act responsibly

This action represents a pledge that Audasia declared on itself to carry out its civil and environmental responsibility in order to reduce the various harmful effects of dyeing products on the health of the user (including the risks of asthma and allergies resulting from the use of materials containing alcohol and petroleum) and on the environment. Therefore, Audasia designed its products without any harmful or dangerous materials, and this enabled it to obtain the “Ecolabel” certificate in 2013.

To this day, Audacia remains the only Moroccan and African brand known for its ecological and responsible role towards the environment.