Mauritania launches a program for volunteerism and sustainable development

موريتانيا تطلق برنامجا للتطوع والتنمية المستدامة

His Excellency the Minister of Culture, Youth, Sports and Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesman, Mr. Mokhtar Ould Dahi, supervised today, Friday in Nouakchott, the launch of the National Program for Volunteering and Sustainable Development in our country, organized in cooperation between his sector and the United Nations Development Programme, under the slogan: “Volunteering is civic awareness and a decisive step towards… “Employment to ensure sustainable development.”

His Excellency the Minister said, in a speech on the occasion, that this program was envisioned by the government in cooperation with its partners to mobilize 10,600 young Mauritanian volunteers in various fields, to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals, and financial compensation will also be mobilized for them to help them carry out their tasks, calling on the youth to transform This project will lead to semi-permanent job opportunities, through success and excellence in what they will do.

He explained that this program comes in accordance with a strategic partnership between the Ministry and the United Nations Development Programme, a partnership based on working together to achieve common goals (spreading the values ​​of citizenship, tolerance and coexistence, raising the pace of development), expressing his confidence in overcoming all difficulties to reach the desired goals. .

His Excellency highlighted the great importance that the social and youth dimension has in the program of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Ould Sheikh Al-Ghazouani, as witnessed by many social and youth programs, most notably the “Ta’azur” delegation, and the ambition it means, and the resources that the state has put at its disposal. To achieve its goals, stressing the readiness of his sector, in cooperation with its development partners, to work together to achieve the goals of this program.

In turn, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Development Program in Nouakchott, Mr. Antonio Encororano, stated that this program responds directly and immediately to national priorities in the field of civil and voluntary service called “Our Homeland,” which forms part of the expanded development program of His Excellency the President of the Republic, indicating that it constitutes a framework For cooperation and a model for acquaintance between its body and the Ministry of Culture