Kenz Mining Company achieves the largest positive social impact in the region

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Kenz Mining Company aims to achieve the greatest positive social impact in the region, as it has developed an action plan to prepare and implement appropriate policies to deal with environmental and health issues with precise standards. It has also developed and implemented a community management system to ensure that all its contributions to development bring real opportunities to communities in the region. It also believes that its relationships with local communities are essential to achieving its future strategy. As an implementation of its social programs, Kenz Mining Company took initial steps, including: – Building and equipping the Al-Shami Center for Traditional Mining Services on an area of ​​42 hectares, which will enable the elimination of the chaos of traditional mining in the Al-Shami District, and closely supervise workers in this sector and assist them in order to overcome the difficulties. Improving gold production. – Transporting all waste resulting from mining operations, which contain a lot of dangerous materials, especially mercury, away from the city of Al-Shami, in order to treat them in a special factory that operates with the latest environmentally friendly global treatment technologies, which will be able to treat all traces of these dangerous materials. As part of the fight against poverty, extensive donation campaigns were carried out for the benefit of residents in the region. The company will continue its charitable and humanitarian activities to contribute to the social and economic development of the residents of the state of Dakhla Nouadhibou in general and the residents of the municipality of Chami in particular.