Jusoor is a CSR initiative created by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Co (Orpic)

Jusoor is a CSR initiative created by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Co (Orpic)

Jusoor Foundation revealed the size and kind of social investment projects to be implemented during the current year worth OMR2.70 000 million within the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Jusoor is a CSR initiative created by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Co (Orpic), Vale and Sohar Aluminium.

The programme has expanded this year to include the governorates of North Batinah, Al Dhahirah, Al Buraimi and Muscat, and includes the cultural, environmental, educational and entrepreneurship sectors, as well as other social projects. Through this initiative, Jusoor is keen to offer direct benefits to the community to meet their needs, as well as contribute to the sustainable development in the Sultanate.

This came at a press conference held in the presence of Sheikh Muhanna bin Saif bin Salim Al Lamki, Governor of North Al Batinah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jusoor, as well as officials of the three founding companies of Jusoor and the media.

Al Lamki said: “The 2019 plan will include the implementation of 14 social projects in the educational, environmental, health, cultural and entrepreneurship fields, co-financed by Orpic, Sohar Aluminium and Vale in cooperation with a number of government partners directly involved in each project.”

“We have announced two projects in the educational and environmental sectors: the artificial coral reefs project to promote biodiversity and increase fish stocks to benefit the fishermen of Liwa and Shinas,” he added.

The second project is the school bus tracking system, to improve school bus safety in 795 buses of government schools in the first cycle in North Al Batinah Governorate, by installing safety devices and providing necessary information about the students accurately.

He also pointed out that Orpic and Sohar Aluminium would jointly fund two projects in the cultural sector in North Al Batinah Governorate consisting of the development of Al Qurm Park to contribute to the development of tourism and environmental facilities in the wilayat of Shinas and support entrepreneurs.

The development work will cover about 13,500 square metres, including the implementation of footpaths, green spaces, a fountain, children’s games, parking lots, family rest areas, barbecue sites, shops and a theatre for public events.

The second project is the construction of Hasad Al Khairi charity headquarters to strengthen its role in supporting the poor, widows and orphans and to create a sustainable source of income to support those in need in the wilayat.

In addition, Vale will also fund an automated slaughterhouse project in Liwa in North Al Batinah Governorate to conserve the environment by organising organic waste management in a dedicated site equipped with state-of-the-art equipment at an area of 504 square metres, as well as providing veterinary services. In addition, the development of the Al Huqayn park project in the wilayat of Al Suwaiq will be funded by Sohar Aluminium.

Orpic will solely fund a set of cultural and educational projects including Al Buraimi Cultural Centre and Ibri Cultural Centre, to serve all segments of the society in the wilayats. Visitors will be introduced to the historical aspect of the Sultanate through the artifacts and exhibits that represent this heritage, in addition to a planetarium.

Orpic will also implement the innovation and technology transfer centre project at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) to support innovation and scientific research. Also, the Majis Social Centre project will be undertaken to strengthen security and safety on the road (Hamra al Duru) and the maintenance of Falaj Wassit in Ibri and the maintenance of Falaj Al Khan in Sohar.

In addition to the completion of the annual support programme for public Majlises in North Al Batinah, this year will see support to 15 public Majlises, in accordance with the terms and mechanism of support followed by Jusoor.

Sheikh Al-Batinah Governor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jusoor, said: “Jusoor was keen this year to expand its contribution to sustainable development projects and to achieve greater benefit among different segments of the society in different governorates of the Sultanate.”

“We would like to renew our thanks and appreciation to Orpic, Sohar Aluminium and Vale for their contributions to the implementation of quality social projects, the results of which have become a reality in various fields,” he added.