Innovation at the heart of SPARK’s sustainability agenda

Innovation at the heart of SPARK’s sustainability agenda

Many are being adopted in Saudi Arabia for the first time, as SPARK spearheads a drive for more environmentally-friendly building technologies that support the Circular Carbon Economy framework.

They include “green” concrete that incorporates recycled materials, modular steel connections and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar in bridge decks.

SPARK Chairman Dr. Mohammad Yahya Al-Qahtani said: “SPARK is proud to announce a wide range of sustainability initiatives that are being deployed for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“These practices reflect our approach to construction that utilizes the latest advances in technology to maximize efficiency, minimize environmental impact and create a world-class energy ecosystem.”

Already recognized as the first industrial city in the world to obtain LEED Silver Certification, SPARK has become the first organization in Saudi Arabia to use Podzolic green concrete, a newly developed building material that uses local recycled materials as a partial replacement for cement.

Material produced as a byproduct of local manufacturing processes is assimilated, while still offering the equivalent properties and durability.

Capturing locally produced waste-materials and reemploying them in construction will help reduce landfill disposal and reduce CO2 emissions associated with cement production.