Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in Byblos Bank’s

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in Byblos Bank’s

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is in Byblos Bank’s DNA. Long before most people had even heard of the term CSR, we were already fully engaged and having a positive impact. After all, effective banking naturally provides several crucial building blocks for the advancement of any society, including faster economic growth, more job opportunities, and greater surpluses available for reinvestment.

We call our approach the “humanization of capital”. For our customers, this involves offering dependable products and services that meet their specific needs while shielding them from unnecessary risk. For our employees, this manifests itself in how we lay out career paths that help each individual realize his or her real potential through personal and professional growth and prosperity. For the communities we are part of, it shows in our dedication to working together to achieve balanced and sustainable growth. This same philosophy applies to our governance: we adhere to the highest international standards and practice maximum transparency. It is also prominently expressed in our Social and Environmental Policy.

To have real impact and create tangible value, Byblos Bank concentrates on four areas: Education, Culture, the Environment, and Community.


We know education is a powerful force for change in our society. Hence, we strive to broaden access to education but also to empower individuals and communities at large through financial literacy initiatives. Our CSR work involves a multi-faceted Financial Literacy Program, supporting beneficial activities, offering vital scholarships, and funding much-needed campus facilities at major schools and universities in Lebanon. Indeed, Byblos Bank enjoys longstanding partnerships with Lebanon’s top universities. The Bank believes that modern campus facilities contribute to the improvement of academic education and help universities better serve their students.


We believe culture is a vital contributor to social cohesion and national stability. Our efforts to uphold culture in Lebanon are focused on contributing to the preservation of our country’s rich heritage and supporting emerging Lebanese photographers. The renovation projects of for both the Jbeil and Batroun Souks Façades and the Byblos Bank Photography Program are just some examples of Byblos Bank CSR initiatives that bring culture into your life.


Byblos Bank’s environmental CSR activities reflect a genuine commitment to the preservation of the historic Cedars of Lebanon. Our Byblos Bank/Shouf Reserve Bio-corridor Initiative is especially noteworthy as it implements an innovative reforestation concept that helps to protect Lebanon’s most recognized national symbol.


The rise of Byblos Bank has coincided almost entirely with the emergence of modern Lebanon, and throughout this period we have never forgotten our roots as a local enterprise in a neighborhood much like yours. We have shared the experiences of all Lebanese and reinforced an institutional outlook that emphasizes participation in the communities we serve.

The Fidar highway bridge in the Jbeil region is a case in point: after it was destroyed by an Israeli air raid during the 2006 war, Byblos Bank stepped in to fund the reconstruction, and work was completed in a record time of just six months instead of the four years that had been estimated by the government.

We also honor this tradition by celebrating the spirit of so many Lebanese who have overcome great challenges to pull off even greater achievements, notably through the Reghem Kel Chi segment that we sponsor on MTV, as well as all of the activities that we conduct in various regions of the country.