Cham Bank visits Dar Al Hanan for the elderly on Mother’s Day

بنك الشام يكرِّم الأمهات في طرطوس

For the fifth year in a row, Cham Bank, the first Islamic Bank in Syria, organized a visit to “Dar Al Hanan” for the elderly in rural Damascus, on the occasion of the International Mother’s Day.

A delegation from Cham Bank, headed by Mr. Ahmad Al-Laham, CEO of Cham Bank and with the participation of a number of departmental directors and departmental supervisors Dar Al Hanan. They were received by Dr. Nada Farhat Al-Midani, Director of Dar Al-Hanan for the elderly. The delegation toured Dar Al Hanan and they expressed their great happiness from this visit. The delegation of the Cham Bank exchanged friendly conversations with the elderly, and assured them of their health and conditions. The delegation also offered congratulations, gifts, material and moral support to them.

Commenting on this, Mr. Ahmad Al-Laham, Chief Executive Officer at Cham Bank, said: “Cham Bank is always striving through its social and humanitarian initiatives to support all segments of society in its diverse programs of social responsibility, which includes a number of activities every month. Cham Bank is proud to have a well-established social institution such as Dar Al Hanan, which seeks to secure a decent life for the elderly. Visiting the elderly on Mother’s Day has become part of the tradition of Cham Bank.”

Dr. Hanan Farahat Al-Midany, Manager of Dar Al Hanan, said: “We are proud to welcome the annual Cham Bank initiative towards Dar Al Hanan, which brings joy and delight to the elderly guests, this reflects the Bank’s keenness and interest in the community.”

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that this initiative is founded when Cham Bank specifically and the banking sector in general realized the essential element of such activities in economic construction which is an integral part of the social fabric. It plays a key role in social responsibility and also contributes to advance the developmental wheel of the communities in which it is located.