BCFC is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility

BCFC is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility

Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company B.S.C (“BCFC”) is a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) and is one of the largest and most renowned corporations practicing CSR all the way down the line in its business model. As the largest financing company on the island, and aside from its mission to be “a dynamic and innovative Company that embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship”, BCFC is geared with its vision to create “delightful social mobility” and undertakes a tremendous responsibility to give back to those who have helped it become a powerhouse in the financial, automotive, insurance and real estate brokerage services industry.

BCFC’s strong and sincere-sounding belief in Corporate Social Responsibility is an accurate interpretation of its pivotal social and philanthropic role in the local society. BCFC believes that CSR is not just about building reputations and corporate relations, but about establishing a business that matters and cares about its surroundings. It is indeed a way of living to benefit ourselves and the society at large. We believe that undertaking socially-responsible initiatives is truly a win-win effort that enable BCFC to focus, with determination, on creating value not only in financial terms but also in ecological and social terms.

With over 34 years, our commitment to supporting our country’s social welfare and contributing to the betterment of people’s lives has continued undiminished and we have been able to translate our words into actions throughout the country. It is both our duty and our privilege to be serving the community beyond business. BCFC worked hard to double our contributions to Bahraini community and continued focusing on measurable, worthwhile causes with social, economic, environmental, educational, volunteerism, health and cultural impacts.

BCFC plays an active role in assisting local communities to achieve their aspirations and goals and creating a solid platform conducive to the growth of great paramount and in addressing a key pillar of social corporate responsibility and commitment towards building a better nation. This is done through a combination of volunteer work and financial assistance wherever required. BCFC remains committed to the fact that business needs to be developed in a socially responsible manner by encompassing every individual of the community through enhancing employee career development and empowering our people with greater responsibilities.

The Company continued to give to charity, with an increased focus on strengthening our community partnerships and active participation of our involvement with officially-registered not-for-profit organizations, charity societies and other governmental entities that address the special requirements of Bahraini citizens and are actively involved in helping a larger segment of needy families in the society.

Moreover, volunteerism is a major focus for BCFC and that is why we have carried on with our “Social Responsibility Placement” initiative with the help of the BCFC Social Team for the 4th year in a row to undertake field visits to all the charitable institutions and societies supported by the company and spend few days of volunteer service, with the aim of closely observing their activities, understanding their bare necessities and needs and servicing efforts to volunteer in their communities. Besides, we handled and scrutinized numerous applications for donations and sponsorships with a high sense of responsibility, objectivity and integrity.

Supporting the society reached an important milestone, by contributing towards the remodeling of the Graves Hall of the National Museum of Bahrain to restore historic facilities; continuing to finance the cultural activities of the Sheikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa Centre for Culture and Research and procuring smart tablet devices to the Training and Planning Directorate at the Ministry of Health. These devices are intended to be used by new graduates of medical colleges when they sit their regular and final examinations or as part of their continuous educational and career development programs. This year also marked the official opening of the newly constructed second floor of The UCO Parents Care Centre in Hidd in the presence of the Board of Directors and other dignitaries.

BCFC maintains the highest ethical standards and takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and with a great amount of pride. Notwithstanding its acts of great generosity to its community, BCFC is as well determined to make further contributions and seek to engage more in philanthropic activities to serve  people and beloved homeland.