BBSF “make a wish” program

BBSF “make a wish” program

The “make a wish” program was launched and received a big amount of wishes from all over the provinces in the 3 categories of the program that were “Education, Family and Career”.

With the help of different partners including Corporate & Retail Clients, NGOs, Universities and other contacts, we set a plan to fulfill around 70 wishes and we are proud to announce that with the closing of the program we have completed 71 wishes spread across all Syria and divided amongst employees and clients with the support of more than 20 partners across the 3 categories.

The implementation of the wishes was divided into 2 phases, the first phase included 31 wishes and the second included 40 wishes.

It’s worth noting that the wishes were chosen based on the criteria set in the beginning of the program and communicated in the branches of the participants that was based on need, the priority of the wish in the person’s life, implementation within Syria so we can benefit our country as well and the impact of fulfilling the wish in the person’s life.

Furthermore, many wishes received in the Career category wished to become a part of the BBSF Family and they were all contacted and if they fit the criteria for employment, they were invited to take the entrance tests and to have an interview, and we have recruited some of these wishes according to the vacancies that were available. Moreover, we fulfilled several wishes that requested training at BBSF in the Education category.