National Bank of Bahrain Elderly Home

19-11-2017, 10:21 AM - 5 Years-ago

The Home provides social, health, psychological, living and recreational care services for elderly people of both sexes who do not have supporters. It also provides care, rehabilitation, and treatment for the elderly in their place of residence.


The Home’s Objectives:

To provide social, medical, psychological, living, and recreational care for the Home’s and Centre’s residents and according to the needs and requirements of each resident.

To develop suitable rehabilitation programs for the elderly and benefit from their abilities and capabilities.

To integrate the elderly with the surrounding environment and strengthen the tie between them and their families.

To train and qualify the cadres working in the Home and Centre, enhance their efficiency, and develop their capabilities in the field of elderly care.


Types of Care:


1.  Permanent Care

This care is provided for the elderly category that do not have a supporter or whose families are not able to take care of them. They stay at the Home or Centre on a permanent basis till they leave this life. For the provision of this type of care, it is required to obtain the agreement of the elderly and their families.


2. Temporary Care

A type of care through which different services are provided for the elderly for a limited period that extends for one month or more due to emergency circumstances in the family. After such period ends, the elderly returns to his family.


The National Bank of Bahrain offers regular support to the National Bank of Bahrain Elderly Home to contribute to funding the Home’s services, programs and activities.


Admission Conditions:

1. Be of a Bahraini nationality.

2. Not less than sixty years in age.

3. Not able to work or unable to secure his needs by himself.

4. Be free of contagious diseases and mental disorders.

5. Has no supporter who is legally responsible for him.

6. Has the desire to benefit form the services of the Home or Centre.